Kois Center

The Kois Center is a didactic and clinical program with the latest advances in esthetic, implant and restorative dentistry.

The Kois Center uses a variety of high technological teaching modalities ranging from computer animation to live video demonstrations. Video cameras feed images from a variety of inputs simultaneously. The Center´s hi-tech dental office and laboratory interface with the conference room to allow for questions and answers during the over-the-shoulder demonstrations. Various camera angles capture close-up details and a broad overview of procedures.


Available on all SOPIX series sensors, ACE® technology, patented by SOPRO, analyses in real time the number of X-rays accumulated by the sensor. It freezes the image acquisition as soon as it receives the necessary radiation to provide a high quality image. Thus, it protects each image from overexposure.

The dentist and the patient are ensured that the first X-ray is always perfect, avoiding additional image acquisition. The dentist saves time and the patient is protected from unnecessary X-ray exposure.


The GXS-700 sensors are designed to make migrating from film, or upgrading a digital system, easier than ever. As the eighth generation digital system from Gendex, the GXS-700 comes from a strong lineage of imaging excellence, raising the performance bar for other digital sensors. From ease-of-use and portability, to enhanced acuity and sustainability, these new sensors underscore our desire and commitment to help advance your practice with innovative and affordable solutions.

Take the GXS-700 digital sensors for a ride with this interactive 360-degree image.


3Shape is changing dentistry together with dental professionals across the world by developing innovations that provide superior dental care for patients. Our portfolio of 3D scanners and CAD/CAM software solutions for the dental industry includes the multiple award-winning 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanner, the game-changing 3Shape X1 4-in-1 CBCT scanner, and market-leading scanning and design software solutions for dental labs. Two graduate students founded 3Shape in the year 2000, and today the company’s fast-growing team of employees in 19 offices worldwide is serving customers in over 100 countries. 3Shape’s products and innovations continue to challenge traditional methods, enabling dental professionals to treat more people more effectively.


For more than 100 years, we have provided healthcare providers around the world with state-of-the-art medical imaging solutions. We offer more choice for x-ray equipment from general radiography to specialty practice applications like mammography and otolaryngology. Our flexible digital radiography, computed radiography and medical printing and film systems solve workflow, budget and space challenges while reducing procedure times.


We believe that the current dental market is making a key transition into digital dentistry. The capabilities of a digital workflow are rapidly expanding; more companies are offering higher quality, more capable devices at increasingly cheaper costs. As a result, an increasing number of doctors and laboratories alike are investing in the digital dental market. With our experience, we are capable of working with doctors and the laboratories they choose to provide both parties with the guidance needed to compete in the dental market.


Founded by Dr. William Burkhart in 1888 as an adjunct to his dental practice, Burkhart Dental now provides over $150 million a year in equipment, repair, supplies, consulting, continuing education and other services to over 5,000 dentists. With more than 400 employees, we are not a small company, yet we continue to provide the attention and service of a private, family-owned business.

We are distinguished by our values, ethics and people. We are driven by a passionate belief in win-win relationships. I ask everyone at Burkhart to focus on three things: Act with the integrity that earns clients' trust; be a knowledgeable resource; and always work in our clients’ best interest to help them succeed. I believe that our fulfillment of these principles differentiates us.