MyChart Patient Portal

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Patients can fill out their HIPAA compliance, Confidential Information and Medical and Dental History forms from the convenience of their home. All data is encrypted and HIPAA compliant. Receipt of this information prior to a patient appointment allows dental offices to have an understanding of the patient's risk profile before he or she even arrives.

 Evidentiae Dental Practice Management Software

Oral Health Score Website

Evidentiae Technologies’ Oral Health Score is a revolutionary marketing platform, designed to drive patients to your door! The Oral Health Score is a free, online self-assessment evaluating four areas of oral health – gum health, teeth health, bite and jaw joint health and smile attractiveness - and capitalises on the perpetuating health movement and the public’s desire for quick results.  Users are presented with dental history questions accompanied by pictures depicting how “yes” and “no” answers may appear in the mouth. The Oral Health Score graphics provide visual recognition that positively alter the mindset of users and create a less daunting process that not only encourages participation, but also increases the opportunity for response accuracy.

The Oral Health Score is equipped with an algorithm to analyse user responses, and upon completion of all questions, users are presented with estimated risk percentages for each of the four areas of oral health. Users are immediately prompted to “Find a Dentist That Will Review Your Score” and are able to select from a list comprised of all dentists using Evidentiae Technologies’ practice management software.