Dental Practice Management Software features

Data Analytics

Understand your practice from the inside out. EV Pro’s dashboard and reports give a unique and custom view of the practice.

 Evidentiae Dental Practice Management Software


Your schedule should work for your practice, not against it. Evidentiae’s schedule includes patient associated risk categories so that scheduling can be done accordingly. Create time blocks, including set up time, specific to each procedure. Time metrics are automatically sent to the Dashboard to track procedure and patient wait times.

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 Evidentiae Dental Practice Management Software

Patient Reminders

Patient reminders are included in with EV Pro and will allow you to automatically contact your patients. Send new patient welcome emails, office review emails, birthday emails and appointment and recare reminders. Schedule outreach to patients reminding them it’s time to visit the office again, and follow up on presented treatment plans. Text messages and emails are sent directly from EV Pro and real-time, two-way communication allows your office to easily interface with your patient directly through the software.

 Dental Practice Management Software features

Evidentiae Exam

Developed using Kois Center Principles, our clinical exam is founded in science and creates a standardized exam process that allows for consistency throughout the office. The exam is thorough and detailed to reduce the possibility that crucial information is missed. An easy to understand risk profile will be generated automatically, based on information inputted by the patient and doctor, making it simpler for offices to determine and provide the patient with necessary care.

 Dental Practice Management Software features


Native imaging application that allows for radiographs and photos to be viewed, measurements to be calculated and annotations to be made directly in the software.


Direct Intergration with:

 Evidentiae Dental Practice Management Software Features
 Evidentiae Dental Practice Management Software

iPhone App - EVCam

iPhone/iPod application that captures extra oral and intra oral photos and automatically syncs to the patient’s chart. The application is HIPPA compliant, and photos are not stored on any device that is used. Included in EVLite, EVclinical & EVpro packages. 

 Evidentiae Dental Practice Management Software

Referral Portal

Refer patients to other professionals through a secure, electronic portal. Easily select which information from the patient's chart is included and sent. The portal will allow for tracking of referred cases and communication between the referring office and outside professional.

 Evidentiae Dental Practice Management Software Features

EVdocs - iPad App

iPad application for in-office use that allows the patient to review medical and dental histories and sign treatment plans and consent forms. The application can also be used to take photos of a patient’s insurance card or driver’s license and will sync automatically with the patient’s chart. Included in EVclinical & EVpro packages.


 Evidentiae Dental Practice Management Software

MyChart Patient Portal

Patients can fill out their HIPAA compliance, Confidential Information and Medical and Dental History forms from the convenience of their home. All data is encrypted and HIPAA compliant. Receipt of this information prior to a patient appointment allows dental offices to have an understanding of the patient's risk profile before he or she even arrives.

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 Evidentiae Dental Practice Management Software

Patient Education

Evidentiae’s patient education is designed to foster patient accountability. Written in layperson terms, reports are easily understandable and visually stimulating to engage the patient.



Answers from the patient's Medical history, Dental history, and findings from the clinical exam are compiled into a report to help the patient identify and understand any concerns found regarding their oral health.



Any products that are marked as “used by patient” or “recommended for patient” will populate into a report that can be shared with the patient.


ICD forms - Kois Center research is implemented into Informed Consent Documents designed to educate your patients on identified concerns, techniques to minimize these concerns and possible future advancements in the instance of inaction.

 Dental Practice Management Software features

Electronic Claims

Easily submit electronic insurance claims. US providers will submit through DentalXchange and Canadian providers through iTrans. At the end of the day, easily batch create invoices for any procedures that have been completed but haven’t yet been entered into billing.

 Dental Practice Management Software features
 Dental Practice Management Software features
 Dental Practice Management Software


Track and view the history of invoices, adjustments, patient payments and insurance claims and payments. A simplified ledger at the top of the page will inform you, at a glance, of the patient’s outstanding balance and any family member’s outstanding balances. All family member’s payment history is easily accessible from the billing page.