In-Office Training


Option 1: Working Day

Fly a trainer to your office during a normal practice day.
The trainer will provide onsite support as your office sees and treats patients. The training will conclude with a one hour debriefing session where any questions that arose throughout the day will be answered.

Cost: $1,500


  • Allows staff to practice office workflow in Evidentiae
  • Provides staff with a realistic idea of how the software will be used daily
  • May facilitate questions that only arise during a normal practice day

Option 2: Non-Business Day

Fly a trainer to your office on a non-business day. The trainer will provide the office with a personalized training session, including both presentation and hands-on activities.         

Cost: $3,000


  • Presentation and hands-on activities customised to office needs
  • Facilitates discussion between staff members about application of Evidentiae
  • Relaxed environment with ample time for paced learning and questions

Online Webinars

Spend an hour screen sharing with a support specialist to cover one of the topics listed below. Online webinars are designed to provide an in-depth evaluation of the topic and address very specific details and questions.